Oil & Gas Industrial Equipment & Services

We at TekWorx, along with our partners, provide oil & gas industrial equipment and services.
Our products and services portfolio spans various fields.


Some of our premium services fields are below.

Modularized Gas Treatment Packages

We specialize in complete modularized hydrocarbon process & treatment packages with proven and innovative technology solutions.
➤ Gas & oil separation.
➤ Condensate & water removal.
➤ Produced water treatment.
➤ Acid gas removal.
➤ Sulfur recovery units.
➤ Gas dehydration units.
➤ NGL recovery & fractionation.
➤ Regasification packages.

Oil, Gas, LNG Tanks and Terminals

We have partnered with one of the leading companies specializing in storage tanks for ambient, low temperature and cryogenic conditions for products such as ammonia; LPG and LNG in line with international design codes and standards.

Flare Systems, Burners, Pipeline Engineering and Services

We provide environmentally friendly smokeless flare systems in the hydrocarbon processing industry to minimize the formation of NOX and CO emissions.

Petroleum & Gas Engineering Services

We provide Petroleum and Gas Engineering services for field and infrastructure development as well as production enhancement services from every engineering discipline:
➤ Process.
➤ Piping.
➤ Mechanical and Civil.
➤ Structural.
➤ Electrical and Instruments.
➤ 3D Modeling.

Fabrication and Supervision Services

We support your engineering departments with practical solutions. We can handle all grades of carbon steel, stainless steel, heat resistant and low temperature materials as well as special alloys for the fabrication of modularized process packages, pressure & high-pressure vessels, heat exchangers and design flare systems.