About Us


To be a unique technology solutions provider for the region.


We develop and implement optimal tech solutions to challenges faced by our clients.

- Kamal Ahmed, CEO

Why Choose Us?

The team at TekWorx comprises of technology enthusiasts from Ph.D holders to fresh graduates with knowledge base varying from digital signal processing to technology-based venture creation. Our strength lies in technical research-based approach to find solutions to business problems. The team includes individuals with past experience from Multi-Nationals Suppliers, Government, Defence, Information Technology Companies and Academia.

We, at TekWorx, are proud to provide advanced economical technology and sourcing solutions to our clients enabling them to improve upon their operations and business. Our philosophy goes beyond working with business entities as we look forward to serving the community in partnership with our clients. We are always open to work with clients on a variety of working models suitable to the organization’s environment.

Our integrated set of Procurement Services is tailored to each client’s specific requirement through our diverse global partner portfolio; with the aim of lowering the total cost of procurement while meeting the highest standards of quality assurance. We ensure on-time delivery of quality goods to customers, which is our hallmark.

At TekWorx, we have divided our diverse range of products into two distinct divisions

Defence and Security Solutions

Industrial Solutions

This enables us to dedicate specialist teams to cater to all your procurement needs. We don’t just sell products; we deliver the ultimate customer experience. We create comprehensive tailor-made solutions ensuring delivery at the right time- every time. Our emphasis on supply-chain management and effective logistics makes us the vendor of your choice.