Technical Counter Surveillance Solutions (TCSM)

With the ever increasing advancement in semi-conductor and fabrication technology, components are getting more compact leading to newer generation of small covert eavesdropping devices. TekWorx brings an entire portfolio of TSCM devices designed to detect and locate eavesdropping electronics, mobile phones and SIM cards or any other devices utilizing semiconductor technology. These devices allow detection and location finding of electronic devices.

Detection of Eavesdropping devices, Mobiles, Covert Transmitters, Explosive Devices, IED/Mines
Different sizes and power versions
RF Detector
Hidden Camera/Optical Detectors
Multifunctional Detection Device
Acoustic /Vibro-acoustic Jammer
Faraday Bags
RF Jammers in different sizes
IMSI & WiFi Catcher Detection
Explosive vapor detector
Quick Deployable microwave detector


Some of our premium products are below.

Acoustic / Vibro-acoustic Jammers

Secure your meetings by jamming any unauthorized recording device e.g. mobile phones, spy devices, audio recorders etc. using ultrasonic and acoustic transmitters, placed in a clandestine casing such as ceiling speakers, loudspeakers, etc.

Faraday Bags

Guard against tracking and hacking of mobile phones, tablets and laptops using Faraday Bags from our partner Disklabs UK. These bags shield devices from all Wi-Fi, mobile, Bluetooth, GPS and active RFID signals. Guaranteeing the security of evidence, protection of important files and safe guarding key information during transit.

Cayman-403 Non-Linear Junction Detector

➤ Search for active/passive electronic eavesdropping devices.

➤ Checking parcels, compact spaces for semiconductors.

➤ High Detection Sensitivity and compact size.

ST-500 PIRANHA Multi-function Detection

➤ 3-in-1 RF Detector, IR Detector, Wired Receiver.

➤ Detect active eavesdropping devices.

➤ Identification of digital protocols of detected radio signals: GSM, CDMA, Bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi.

ST-200 Arcane Hidden Camera Detector

➤ Remote detection & localization of powered hidden cameras.

➤ Based on detection & analysis of specific parts of electromagnetic spectrum in order to find stray emission (spurious signals).

➤ Cameras installed outside, indoors, concealed as objects or bodyworn.