Surveillance Solutions

With the ongoing development in wireless and digital communications, there is a constant requirement for Defence, Law enforcement and Intelligence customers to equip themselves with monitoring and surveillance solutions and get one step ahead of adversaries. With decades of experience in surveillance and radio monitoring, the team at TekWorx can provide turnkey solution and services for tactical and strategic applications.

Optical Intelligence solutions with facial recognition
Mobile Phone, WLAN and Satellite Monitoring
RF Detectors
IP and Data Monitoring


Some of our premium products are below.

Video Surveillance Solution

We have partnered with Synology to provide you with top quality video surveillance solutions in the market. Using Synology products, we can provide customized surveillance network to suit your specific needs.

Covert Spy Gadgets

Range of Covert Spy gadget from the leading spy gadget company Lawmate®. Each device is field proven and equipped with outstanding optics and audio recording.