Smart Power Systems

TekWorx offers the perfect solution for quick, reliable and efficient power generation systems. We can provide portable power generation solution for on-the-move applications, remote and/or undeveloped areas so that your equipment has all the power it needs. These solutions include Li-Ion AC/DC Power Generation which can be tailored and integrated with remote monitoring solutions.


Some of our premium products are below.

Li-Ion Portable Generator

➤Compact 3KW Power Source.

➤ AC and DC models.

➤ Zero noise, zero emissions

➤ Long runtime (36 hrs for an Aircon with a two battery spec model).

➤ Based on Li-Ion battery source for long life.

Power Generation Truck

➤ 150kW/300kWh Mobile Power Truck.

➤ Based on LiFePO4 battery.

➤ Output Voltage 380 +- 10%.

➤ Frequency 50+-5% Hz.

➤ Max Efficiency >97%.

➤ Power Factor +-0.99.

Remote Power Monitoring

We help you to integrate IoT devices with your AC/DC power generation equipment for much greater overview and control. Monitor power consumption, electrical parameters, tank fuel level etc to increase efficiency while reducing costs.