Remote Monitoring and Industrial Automation

Resources are becoming scarcer and expensive, therefore, success depends on using less to get more. Using Industrial IoT, you can improve resource management and decrease waste, ensuring cost saving without compromising quality. In partnership with Datalog, an industrial automation company, we use off-the-shelf components to provide critical system data on a unified dashboard.

Unified Dashboard
24/7 live monitoring
data history and trends
multiple sensor integration
event logs and alarms


Some of our solutions are below.

Machine Health Monitoring

Install sensors on your machine to measure performance, such as motor RPM, Power consumption and run time. These parameters will have specific ranges when your machine is in perfect condition. You can implement condition-based maintenance alerts to eliminate machine downtime and increase through-put.

Power Monitoring

Install power measurement sensors to measure power consumption in your facility. Identify areas with high power usage, unauthorized power usage or simply measure power being produced by your generators. Set limits on energy consumption to conserve energy and reduce costs.

Environmental Monitoring

Install sensors to measure the environmental conditions of your workplace. Measure parameters such as humidity, ambient temperature, smoke, airborne chemicals, noise and radiation to ensure that all parameters are well within HSE standards.

Process Monitoring

Install sensors to measure process parameters such as flow, pressure and level to ensure production quotas are fulfilled. Pinpoint areas that hold up production and optimize your process by shuffling resources. Measure inputs and outputs to ensure there is no waste in the workflow.