Physical Security and Access Control

TekWorx offers a variety of products, systems and services that liberates organizations to focus on their productivity without fearing for invasion of privacy, security and terrorism threats.
Effective physical security of an asset is achieved by multi-layering the different measures. Each aspect of security may be comprised of different elements such as:

Detection of threat weapons, including explosives, knives, firearms, chemical & radiological
Detection, tracking and monitoring of intruders and other threats, such as unmanned aerial vehicles
Access control and locking systems
Protection of people or assets from a ballistic attack


Some of our premium products are below.

Anti Drone Protection

The threat of Drones/UAVs for surveillance and harmful payload delivery cannot be underestimated. TekWorx offers solutions to protect airports, industrial plants, government buildings etc from all types of drone threats.

Facial Recognition Systems for premises

Comprehensive solution for quickly capturing and recognizing all faces in real time from multiple cameras. Integration with face database for generating alarms of multiple targets. We offer portable, stationary, and premises wide configurations to enhance surveillance coverage for various applications.

Tera Sense Covert Scanner

In partnership with one of the leading THz system manufacturers, Terasense, we offer body scanning for special requirements. The system can be mounted inside a proper enclosure, enabling the operator to stealth-screen people without their knowledge.