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We offer solutions to your complex technological challenges with bespoke products, systems and services.

Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Solutions

Body Scanners

Li-Ion AC/DC Generators

Facial Recognition Systems

IoT Control Systems

Secure Video Conferencing and Collaboration


Some of our premium products are below.

Heidrun Mini UAV

The Heidrun UAV from Skywatch Denmark is a battle proven, fixed wing, mini drone system deployed in leading defense forces including (NATO) countries. Heidrun offers unmatched capabilities in a hand launched mini UAV category with ease of use critical for tactical deployment.

Body Scanners

Tekworx brings a variety of body scanners from around the world to suit diversified requirements to ensure security of your premises. Using the latest TeraHertz (THz) technology, sensitive installations can be secured through covert scanners to detect smallest metallic or non-metallic items including USB flash drives, covert surveillance bugs etc.

Remote Monitoring Solutions

Tekworx in collaboration with Datalog provide continuous monitoring solutions to a diverse range of industrial and environmental areas. Measurement of clients’ processes from anywhere around the world is possible thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) solutions developed indigenously.

Faraday Bags

Guard against tracking and hacking of mobile phones, tablets and laptops using Faraday Bags from our partner Disklabs UK. These bags shield devices from all Wi-Fi, mobile, Bluetooth, GPS and active RFID signals. Guaranteeing the security of evidence, protection of important files and safe guarding key information during transit.

Thermal Facial Recognition Access Control

Enable seamless access control for businesses, schools, shopping malls etc. by detecting known faces, measuring body temperature (non-contact) and mask detection. With a detection speed of less than 0.5s and temperature accuracy of 0.3ºC, you can safely open businesses while still fighting the spread of COVID-19.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measure

Range of Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM) devices including Non-linear Junction Detectors (NLJD), RF Detectors, Microphone disablers, Hidden Camera detectors for counter espionage and counter terrorism applications.

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We at Tekworx, are proud to provide advanced technology solutions to our clients enabling them to improve upon their operations and business. TekWorx was created to work with clients to identify and solve longstanding problems using technology.

We are always open to work with clients with a variety of working models suitable to the organization’s environment.

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