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We tailor our solutions to address multifaceted challenges in your industrial applications.

Cryogenic Tanks

Flare Systems & Burners

Fabrication and Supervision Services

Process & control valves

Industrial hardware

Smooth sheets and rods


Some of our premium products are below.

Oil, Gas, LNG Tanks and Terminals

We have partnered with one of the leading companies specializing in storage tanks for ambient, low temperature and cryogenic conditions for products such as ammonia; LPG and LNG in line with international design codes and standards.

Fabrication and Supervision Services

We support your engineering departments with practical solutions. We can handle all grades of carbon steel, stainless steel, heat resistant and low temperature materials as well as special alloys for the fabrication of modularized process packages, pressure & high-pressure vessels, heat exchangers and design flare systems.

Process and Control Valves

It is crucial for industries to have the right quantity and quality of valves to control the flow of fluids to maximize their efficiency. We can deliver a range of valves as per your operational requirement.
➤ Bolted Bonnet.
➤ Butterfly.
➤ Gate.

Who We Are

TekWorx - Customized Technology Solutions That You Can Trust

We at Tekworx, are proud to provide advanced technology solutions to our clients enabling them to improve upon their operations and business. TekWorx was created to work with clients to identify and solve longstanding problems using technology.

We are always open to work with clients with a variety of working models suitable to the organization’s environment.

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