Drones and Anti Drone Systems

Traditional reconnaissance relied on handheld line of sight optical sensors which could not convey the full tactical picture to Defense, Law Enforcement and Intelligence teams. With the advent of Drones or UAVs, the concept of “Eye in the sky” enables comprehensive situational awareness for critical missions. TekWorx working with leading partners delivers application specific fixed wing, VTOL and Tethered Drones for any operational requirement.

As Consumer Drone technology rapidly advances, there is a growing need for robust, responsive and easily deployable anti-drone sensors for protection of VIPs, critical infrastructure such as airports, government buildings and counter-surveillance applications. TekWorx provides handheld, transportable, fixed anti-drones systems tailored to meet the customer requirement.


Some of our premium products are below.

Heidrun Mini UAV

The Heidrun UAV from Skywatch Denmark is a battle proven, fixed wing, mini drone system deployed in leading defense forces including (NATO) countries. Heidrun offers unmatched capabilities in a hand launched mini UAV category with ease of use critical for tactical deployment. Different UAV versions offer Day / Night video surveillance, 2/3D mapping, communications relay and SIGINT/ECM features. It is designed for operations in harsh military environments operated with a 2 members team having excellent tactical mobility and features matching bigger UAV platforms.

Tethered UAV

Limited battery life of drones is a bottleneck for prolonged surveillance applications. By using the Elistair France Safe-T2® smart tethered station for commercial drones, users can continuously hover their drones at up to 125m altitude without thinking about battery. Thanks to its micro-tether providing continuous power supply, high-speed data transfer, and with a tensile strength armored with aramid, the solution enables unlimited access to an aerial view, in real time and in a highly secure manner.

Handheld Anti-Drone Solution

Accessible and easy to use anti-drone solutions are needed for civil, military and law enforcement applications. The WINGMAN® and PITBULL® are the smallest handheld (wearable) drone detector and jammer on the market offered by MyDefence Denmark. We also offer fully integrated tripod mounted, vehicular and base level anti-drone solutions based on MyDefense technology.